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Safety culture is the enterprise in production and economic activities in the protection of human health, respect for human life, people value the culture, Jianhui paper over the years attaches great importance to the construction of safety culture, in the construction, promote the safety culture in the process of, draw nutrients from traditional. Today the economic and social development to keep pace with the times, from "human thought" point of view, the construction of the safety culture which is suitable to enterprise "s own characteristic and demand. The company in January 2006 by Dongguan City People's Government awarded "2005 annual safe production advanced unit"; Dongguan City Fire Bureau, the town hall, fire brigade in peacetime inspection of our fire safety work to be sure, had many conversations mentioned in: our fire safety is made of paper industry in the template, pacesetter. I study and discuss the fire safety work in our company each year to study and discuss the fire safety work of the company.

To protect the hardware security and cultural premise of the hardware

To do his work well, must first sharpen his tools. In the field of fire safety, "machine" is the fire fighting equipment, fire pipes, fire hydrants, sprinkler, smoke feeling device, an alarm, fire fighting facilities equipment layout is reasonable. Company invests a large number of capital in fire safety, not only have a company monitoring full coverage system and a set of perfect fire control system and fire control system maintenance personnel, but also has own fire brigade, nine full-time firefighters, fire trucks and other fire fighting equipment, a full range to do good lightning protection facilities; in waste paper depot and terminal device, a total of 18 fire water and 15 a lightning rod; the company installed more than 1200 fire hydrants and an important position in the various configuration of the 2200 a fire extinguisher; each department set up a security officer regularly on the responsible for the scope of fire facilities inspection and safety education of staff.

To guide people to lay a safe and cultural foundation

Through the draw, reference to the traditional and modern safety concept, integrate anti three violations, grasping safety for many years to carry out safety culture construction experience, the creation of the "5 + 1" system of safety culture, that is, to a truth, belief, 3 kinds of views, four mutually, five must, remember a confirmation, and use these advanced and practical philosophy to arm our minds, to the worker's idea, consciousness, attitude and behavior formation from intangible to tangible effects, and create a strong atmosphere of safety production.

Strengthen the safety culture datum by the system restraint

The advanced ideas and culture can only release the enormous strength when it is integrated into the system.. Jianhui paper from the system establishment and improvement of, implementation of the post standard operation, controller, and the environment of unsafe factors, continue to strengthen safety standards. Has developed, full four ability standard management approach, "" three violations "learning system" and so on 36 rules and regulations, forming a relatively complete system of safe production system, the progressive realization of the rational allocation of people, equipment, materials and environment.

In order to assess the incentive for people to strictly safety and cultural construction

Safety assessment is the core of the implementation of the system of safety responsibility, through strengthening the assessment to motivate people, strict safety culture construction.The implementation of control index system of safe production company, a "three violations, anti grip safety" climax. All units, departments of clear, especially the responsibility of the workshop, team leadership, layers of the signing of the security responsibility undertaking, departments and units to safety indicators into the annual work targets to, and management cadres at all levels of salary and bonus directly linked, strict reward and punishment. To develop internal safety assessment standards for enterprises, and to guide all the staff to learn standards, to use standards, form self restraint, self improvement, from the conscious act of myself.

Cultivation of safety culture soil by environment

Regularly in batches safety training, using living accidents, safety education, in the post implementation of independent protection, mutual protection, supervision and protection, continue to strengthen security concept and behavior. In the company set up a safety bar, making large banners, all markers, and create a strong atmosphere of propaganda, is currently a total of large-scale propaganda billboards more than 10, warning class more than 800, hints at more than 300, ban more than 500. At the same time, strengthen the on-site management, strictly implement the quarterly, monthly, weekly inspection system and professional field checks, check, by check staff's thought, system construction, to look into the problem of rectification to regulate the behavior of employees, to ensure safety in production.2007 smoothly through the occupational health and safety management system and environmental management system certification; 2013 obtain safety production standard three companies (light industrial papermaking) certificate; 2015 for port safety certificate.