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  Dongguan Jian Hui Paper Co., Ltd. sewage treatment system adopting international advanced technology and equipment, to meet the production workshop discharge of sewage treatment. The existing sewage treatment design capacity has reached 70000m3/, a sewage treatment system design processing capacity of 20000 m3 / day. In May 2004 formally put into use. The two phase of the sewage treatment system design capacity of 20000 m3/ day,in August 05 officially put into use. The three phase of the sewage treatment system design capacity of 30000 m3/ day, in March 12 officially put into use. Sewage after treatment system are in advanced treatment system, wastewater by gravity into reclaimed water collecting basin, by increasing the pump up to the middle of the pool of pH adjustment and upgrade to advanced oxidation tower. Fenton reagent is added in the advanced oxidation tower, wastewater with Fenton reagent fully mixed reaction, oxidation and decomposition of pollutants in sewage difficult to degrade after entering and degassing tank, adding liquid caustic soda and PAM, the formation of a large number of alum, after final sedimentation tank sludge water separation, precipitation, the effluent reached national emission standards and the provinces and cities where the local standards for the discharge.
  With the company of environmental protection work the attention of more and more high, the continuous investment funds, sewage treatment system facilities are more perfect and stable discharge standards, COD emissions from 366.2 tons / year in 2013 dropped to 2014 355.4 tons / year, ammonia nitrogen from 9.12 tons / year down to 1.46 tons of suspended matter from 128.5 tons / year down to 121.71 tons / year.